The Peace of Movement and Meditation

There are many different kinds of meditation. The typical association which comes to mind is someone sitting in a full lotus posture in total peace. Indeed, that is one of the ways it is done in some traditions but do not be daunted by this. Other ways, many other ways are included. One of the best types of meditation for all ages and for physical health is Tai Chi which is a Chinese soft style martial art. It is more like a moving meditation and you may have seen people in parks doing these interesting meditative movements. You can always see a demonstration on YouTube.

If you are looking for stress relief and health improvement, meditation Berkeley residents can learn includes Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and various interesting moving meditations along with sitting meditations. The idea is to build the chi in the body and circulate it through the energy channels using different methods. Chi is energy of a sort and you will learn about it with practice. Over time, a greater sense of peace comes about. Simple and regular practice has been shown to relieve depression, illnesses, high blood pressure, anxiety, phobias, and most of all it gives you a real spiritual connection between yourself and the world.

All ages can learn this magnificent and peaceful style. In fact, the younger you get started, the better you can become over time. Or, even if you are what you consider to be “old,” you can still learn this. It is definitely for all ages and genders. True, this can be used as a martial art but Tai Chi and similar meditation practices in that tradition are primarily used to improve health and vitality mentally, physically, and spiritually. Find the time to practice meditation and you will find out you have more time than you thought.