The New USB Type C

Most of us know the hassle of trying to plug in a USB cord into the back of a computer.  Not only do you have to find the USB port, but once you find it you have to make sure that your cord is positioned in the correct way.  If you already have a bunch of things plugged into the back of your computer, this can really be a difficult thing to have to deal with.  Thankfully, USB technology is advancing once again, and Microchip has written an excellent article about the new USB type C that is now coming out in order to make plugging your USB cords in a whole lot easier.  It sounds simple, and you would think it would have been something that existed a long time ago, but it is just now hitting the market, and this article explains why we all ought to be excited about it.

Not only is this easier to plug in, but because devices are becoming smaller and thinner, it is something that will help to make them even more compact since the plug is so much smaller.  Really, technology is going to get to the point where we can carry even more info with us on even smaller devices, and that is something that I think most of us can get excited about.  Of course, cell phones went from being really big, to really small, to really big again, but I would venture to guess that technology like this will help us to reduce the size and weight of our smartphones.

If you have not heard about this great new USB, I think you ought to check out the article and decide for yourself whether or not this is something you should be excited about.