Right Way to Hire an Office Cleaning Contractor in Jacksonville Florida

We are going to cover some of the steps you should follow when trying to secure the best office cleaning Jacksonville Fl has to offer. There are numerous commercial cleaning service providers out there to choose from so these tips will help streamline the process.

The initial question to address is how large is your office space? There are some office cleaning companies that specialize in cleaning larger office buildings while others focus more on the small to medium sized company. Along with the size of your office, you also need to consider whether you want a company that specializes in utilizing environmentally friendly approaches i.e. green solutions or is that something that is not important to you? After you have reviewed these initial questions and have a list of prospective cleaning companies to review you should schedule in-person meetings with each one individually.

When you meet with the company in person something you should note is how professional they are dressed, do they have business cards and when they speak with you do they sound knowledgeable? The answer to these questions will give you a better understanding on whether the cleaning company is a viable option, if they are professional then you should ask them for quotes on what they will charge you for your cleaning. The costs could be either billed as a “one-off” or on an ongoing basis, just be sure that when comparing the quotes you find out whether the amount they are quoting includes cleaning supplies or will you be required to provide those to the workers when they arrive. Another question is when will the cleaners be coming to your office, if it is after hours then you will need to make arrangements for them to get into your office or it could lead to hassles when it comes time to clean your office.